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Calvin Klein


"We are created to be a modern, contemporary, sophisticated, simple, natural, and often minimal.I want to be sexy in a big way. We are a brand that inspires young people, no matter how old they are." - Calvin Klein.

One of the most significant world fashion designers Calvin Klein, was born in 1942 in New York. Since the beginning of his passion was fashion and drawing. In 1968 he opened his own company Calvin Klein limited with 10.000$ initially selling coats. A year later, in 1969 Klein appeared on cover of Vogue. By 1971 to his women's collection were added blazers, lingerie and sportswear and by 1977 he had license for scarfs, shoes, belts, furs, sunglasses and sheets followed by licenses cosmetics, jeans and menswear. His fragrance and cosmetics business was withdrew with big financial loses soon after it was launched. Jeans collection was a huge success, claiming sales of 2000,000 pair of jeans first week they were on the market in 1978. In 1980s, while at its all time high Calvin Klein introduced a highly successful line of boxer shorts for women's and men's underwear collection. However, in 1992 company was facing the bankruptcy, but managed to survive thanks to its very popular sportswear, underwear and fragrances lines.
The company is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York City and currently owned by shirt maker Phillips-Van Heusen who bought it in mid-December 2002. In 2004 the company bought the domain name CK.com. Calvin Klein is one of the few corporations worldwide to own a two letter domain name.

Calvin Klein's work is the essence of fashion - wit, charm and elegance. Calvin Klein brand has been successful thanks to innovation and his overcoming of existing norms of behavior. Having a product bearing the signature of CK logo has become an obsession for many people and the determinant of the class. He has insights for tomorrow's trends and is able to masterfully combine luxury with careless sex appeal. His products are for fashion conscious customers who like to express their individuality and personality through clothing.

In 1997's Calvin Klein and Swatch Group have teamed up to create CK Watch. This resulted in creation of modern line of watches, and the birth of a new way of understanding watch as a fashion accessory. Today the brand Calvin Klein Watches has collection of about 200 different models of high quality Swiss mechanisms made of superior materials and featuring a modern design. The simplicity and timeless elegance, these words best describe the Calvin Klein watches. Each is a work of art, a distinctive form, style and quality. The originality and elegance found in Calvin Klein clothes have been adapted to the aesthetics of watches. Initially, they typically dominated by geometric design. Today watches are more fluid, inspired by nature, sensual lines and shapes.

CK watches attract attention - they are sophisticated, minimalist and modern. Their shiny surfaces and simple, elegant shapes have become synonymous with contemporary style. The concept of Calvin Klein to watch became a part of the garment, matching clothing, handbag and shoes, has gained many supporters. Around the world, these watches are very popular among both women and men. Most of Calvin Klein watches are made of stainless steel, making them strong and durable. Strips in men's watches are usually made of crocodile leather. Particularly noteworthy are watches for women with sexy, modern and sophisticated
forms that make them more like bracelets.