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Diesel is an Italian design company owned by its founder Renzo Rosso. Rosso was born in the village of Brugine in the Northeastern Italian region of Veneto. His parents were farmers. At the age of 15, he made his first self-designed garment, a pair of low-waist bell-bottomed jeans using his mother's Singer sewing machine.  It was founded in 1978 and is based in Breganze, northern Italy.

After dropping out of the University of Venice in 1975, Russo began to work for a local clothing manufacturer Moltex whose parent company, the Genius Group, was run by Adriano Goldschmied. By 1978 Russo increased company's production beyond what Goldschmied considered possible. So when Russo decided to leave and start his own company in 1978, Goldschmied convinced him to stay and they started new company together. They liked the idea of their brand being perceived as an alternative jeans brand in contrast to other casual brands, just like 'diesel' was considered to be the 'alternative fuel' in the current oil crisis, thus name Diesel. Also the word was international term and was pronounced equally all over the world and it appealed to Russo's views that fashion market is a global village segmented by peoples life style and not by national borders. Russo's  employees underwent a regular, twice a year traveling, whose purpose was to study the preferences of people around the world for clothes.

In 1985 Rosso took full control over the company trading his shares in Genius Group, at the time Diesel's parent company, for Goldschmied's remaining shares in Diesel. Ever since, every Diesel collection was statement of Russo's deep passion for vintage.The company was the first in the world to experiment with combination of different materials and dyes. People did not fully understand the new trends created by Rosso.
 “When I started a vintage collection, nobody had heard about it. Today it is easy to talk about ‘vintage’; 25 years ago when we did stonewashed jeans, customers sent them back. What guy wanted $99 jeans when $50 was the normal U.S. price? Every style step was difficult.”  Russo said in an interview in 2003. Today he is recognized for having transformed the jeans market.

An extremely important area of activity of diesel were advertising campaigns.  And so, thanks to a controversial advertising  Diesel became an object of desire of any person informed of trends across the globe. With the increased growth of the company, the spectrum of products offered also grew. Diesel turned his attention towards fashion accessories such as jewelry, eyewear, watches.

Diesel Watches are among the most controversial in the world. One of its models DZ4159 is commonly known as "Freak Of Nature". When it comes to Diesel watches, one thing is for sure:  the function of determinating the time recedes into the background.

It is important to mention highly original models whose unexpected form satisfies even the most sophisticated tastes: a series of DZ7079, DZ7080, DZ7111, a series of DZ7101, DZ7102, DZ7103 and DZ7091 and DZ7092 - bold, futuristic silhouette, which is far from traditional forms of watches. The model DZ7126 - one of the last proposals,  has enormous  beautifully designed space shield.

 DIESEL  does not forget the lovers of their traditions and still creates a classic, often retro inspired design, like their immortal beloved models DZ1114, DZ1116 and release for the ladies - DZ5102, DZ5103, DZ5104.

 DIESEL  brand often ends the production of watches still enjoying popularity among consumers. So it was with the cult model DZ2046, which ceased to exist on the market in 2009 despite still existing great demand for it.