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Founded in 1983 by David Chu, NAUTICA is one of the most recognizable American brands in the world. For years, it specializes in sport watches for divers and sailors. This company started out sewing sailing jackets, but after achieving success, it decided to create other product lines, focusing on water and nautical themes. Nautica watches are manufactured and marketed under company name and logo since 1994.

Nautica Watches are designed with an idea of combining sports, sailing and nature in the highest quality workmanship. They are characterized by modern style, class and elegance of a real man.  Brand's recognizable features include large size of the case and clear, tight bracelets.

Cases are made of quality stainless steel with the highest corrosion resistance. Strips are of high quality plastic or leather. Watches are known for their innovative design and use of  the latest technologies and solutions in their prodaction. They are designed to look attractive without losing its core features and functionality. More classic designs can be found among the Nautica products, but they are still inspired by the sporting aesthetics.

Nautica Watches are resistant to water, dust, have a clear, legible dials easy to read display in difficult weather conditions or in darkness, which is the main advantage of the company's offer and what the brand has caused many supporters around the world. All models have screw crown and poliuretan contact strips to prevent water damage.

Lines Nautica watches are manufactured in three different collections of style and purpose. These collections are: Nautica Chronograph Watches, Nautica and Nautica Watches Yachtimer Classic Watches.

Nautica brand offers us high quality, class and reliability.