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Watch is a beautiful, but complicated accessory. In order for it to work properly for a long time you need to practice watch standard maintanance. Following tips will help you care for your timepiece:

1. Avoid watch contact with high temperatures of saunas and swimming pools.

2. In any case, do not manipulate buttons or screws under the water. No date or time setting while watch is wet.

3. After settings are performed the crown/bolts must be pushed/tighten all the way.

4. Most of the watches should not come into contact with salt water, except for watches with high water resistance. If it does come in contact with salty water it is recommended to           rinse the watch with clean water.

5. Make sure the case is carefully sealed after replacing battery

6. Observe resistance table. 

7. Do not expose your watch to sudden temperature changes such as high heat (sun), followed by rapid cooling (plunge).

8. Respect watch. Do not drop it or abuse it. This applies particularly to women's subtle watches which are more often accented with delicate crystals and stones.

9. Clean with damp or soft dry cloth only every 2 months if worn regulary. Do not use detergents. 

10. Before attempting any repairs, contact your guarantor.